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Final Fantasy Rebirth VII Launched

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Finally, we have one of the exclusive PS5 games “Final Fantasy Rebirth VII launched” on 29th Feb 24 from gaming company Square Enix. It’s a sequel to is highly successful franchise series of Final Fantasy from Play Station World. It’s a highly anticipated release of the year 2024 in the PS5 exclusive gaming content.

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What to expect in Final Fantasy Rebirth VII launched

Final Fantasy Rebirth VII launched  game involves the main character Cloud and his team exploring another unknown world. After escaping from the mystical world of Midgar, cloud and his friends are going to explore the planet’s other regions. The new gaming environment involves grassy plains and expansive adventure to keep you hooked to get Cloud and his friends to overcome all the obstacles to reach its final destination.

Expansive Gaming World to explore: final fantasy rebirth VII launched

The game involves Cloud and his team searching for Sephiroth through the beautiful and mystic world with many open areas to discover while on track to find Sephiroth. The game also has side content to keep users engrossed with it and not get bored during the main gameplay. Side content includes many mini-games and various modes of transportation that the game can use to navigate through the world.

Enhanced Battle System:

Games involve strategic thinking to be applied by gamers to overcome the task and obstacles while navigating in the game. It’s filled with thrilling action combat alongside your team/comrades’ characters who are with you on this journey together. Gameplay focuses on developing deeper relationships with other game characters in your team to strengthen the bong and unleash a powerful team-based strategy to overcome grilling actions with your opponents. 

Unknown Walls of Fate: Final Fantasy Rebirth VII launched

This version of the game offers both newcomers to the highly successful franchise of Final Fantasy and hard-core fans a new environment to explore with its stunning graphics. The whole story play and graphics of the game are top-notch to hook you to play this game continuously till you finish it or your hands get tired using joysticks/ controller. The game story of unknown fates depending on the choice Cloud and his comrades make always it’s having a surprise element. As whenever they make different choices the unknown world outside the city of Midgar offers a fresh and mysterious world to play and explore.


Which configuration does Final Fantasy Rebirth VII come with ?

  • Final Fantasy Rebirth VII: Standard Edition 
  • Final Fantasy Rebirth VII: Deluxe Edition 
  • Final Fantasy Rebirth VII: Collector Edition

You can purchase different editions of Final Fantasy Rebirth Vii launched on the official website of Square Enix as per your preference.

Final Fantasy Rebirth VII: Standard Edition

It has all the standard features of the game with no extra whistles or bells. Buyer gets standard game disc which comes in a pack of 2 discs. One data disc which you need to first install on your PS5 Console and another game disc which you have to use after installing all standard files from the data disc to your console.


Contents:  Set of 2 Discs in the packet: 1 Data Disc and 1 Game Disc.

Price: USD$ 69.99


Final Fantasy Rebirth VII: Deluxe Edition

It comes with a standard set of 2 discs, a data disc, and a game disc along with it comes with Art Book, Steel Book Case, and Mini Soundtrack.

Contents:  Along with 2 discs of a game you get an Art Book, a Mini Soundtrack, and a Steel Book Case 

Price: USD$ 99.99

Final Fantasy Rebirth VII: Collector Edition

The collector edition of Final Fantasy Rebirth VII is for those who are die-hard fans of the gaming franchises who would not want to miss even a single piece of story storyline of the game and want to add it to their collection. This is for those who are more than an average video game player but for the game connoisseur who wants to use this collector edition to add to their already wide variety of gaming collections of ultimate and collector packs. 


FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH STATIC ARTS SEPHIROTH: Approx. 48cm / 19inch statue depicting the iconic antagonist Sephiroth in highly detailed sculpting. The wing can be detached.

Moogle Trio Summoning Materia (DLC): A summoning Materia that can be called “Moogle Trio” in the game.

Magic Pot Summoning Materia (DLC): A summoning Materia that can be called “Magic Pot” in the game.

Accessory: Reclaimant Choker (DLC): A choker with the effect of restoring HP when an enemy is defeated.

Armor: Orchid Bracelet (DLC): A bracelet that gives courage to traverse an expanding world.


Price: USD$ 349.99

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Release of Final Fantasy Rebirth VII Date: 29th Feburary2024

This game will be released worldwide on 29th February 2024 on Play Station 5 (PS5)


When will Final Fantasy Rebirth VII launching on PC:

For Ultimate Graphic Experience Feast is not confirmed yet. Buy on the official website of Square Enix it mentioned that one can expect Final Fantasy Rebirth VII to be launched on PC after 29th May 2024 as work on the development of pc version is in process. Realistic release we can expect it at around the end of September 2024 or the beginning of October 2024.


Controversy involved with Final Fantasy Rebirth VII:

Unfortunately, this version of the game also got a controversy involved with it which is that manufacturer of this game version discs has goofed up the Asian version and also the Japanese version of labelling the disc wrongly. This game pack comes with a set of 2 discs one of which is a data disc that the first user has to use to install the game files on the console. Another disc is a game disc that the user has to insert into the console after installing gaming software files of 1st disc while playing a game on PS5. Accidentally they have labeled the game disc as Software/Data Disc and the Gaming disc as Software/Data Disc. Thus, users need to use gaming disc labels from the pack to install software and data disc-labeled discs while playing the game.


 In the end, Final Fantasy Rebirth VII is an excellent RPG game for avid and casual gamers alike. You would be more than happy to play the game and its storyline is so intriguing that you won’t get easily bored while playing the game. We know PC lovers and Xbox console lovers would be missing this game at present but for sure gaming and PC lovers will get a taste of this game by the third quarter of 2024 to experience the full spectacle of path-breaking graphics along with excellent gameplay.


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